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How does it work

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Style Advice gives you inspiration based on who you are and what you like.
Deciding what to wear and what to buy takes time - a lot of time. Get instant inspiration with Style Advice.
It’s all right there in our app - at your fingertips. Looking good has never been this easy.
Find that influencer or stylist you already know - and have them inspire you!


Today online influencers hold great power over consumers and trends. Style Advice makes it easier than ever for them to leverage this power and capitalize on their fans.
Sean Percival
Partner at 500 Startups
Style Advice is how, in the future, we will solve that one big question; "what the #&!§* am I going to wear!" This technology will basically change, well, everything.
Peder Børresen
Founder of Moods of Norway

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About us

Our mission is to inspire personal style through innovative technologies.

We are a group of fashion lovers and tech geeks who feel that styling is always about this personal touch, this fun bit, this individual aspect. We got sick of browsing for hours and looking at fancy magazine editorials that have nothing to do with how we would like to dress ourselves.
We were missing a direct link to the people whose style we admire.

That’s why we founded Style Advice. We connect people with their favourite fashion influencers, create personal relationships and inspire personal style through innovative technologies.

Having participated in the most prestigious accelerator programs, attracted great interest of the media and the fashion scene, lots of work and even more coffee, we are ready for you to join our journey now.
Jonas Fridtjof Kevin Windy Beder Anina
Jonas Fridtjof Kevin Windy Beder Anina